About Us


Vestella is an Italian startup born in 2021

A family dream about “gentle beauty.” We believe in respect for the environment and love for the local “savoir-faire”. These are the values that inspire our ethical collections, 100% made in Italy by local artisans. Our dream is to create a wide range of quality bags and accessories for our customers, an expression of a refined union of innovative materials and tradition.

Reduce, Reuse and Recreate.


Reduce, Reuse, Recreate.

Our collections, each with a strong identity, are characterized by contemporary lines and sartorial productions made with care in every detail, starting from the choice of materials. This attention to the tinies detail is what makes each product a unique creation.

We are creators of what we call Sustainable Beauty, and it is with commitment, passion, and dedication that we design a future that combines style and less environmental impact so that it becomes increasingly real and accessible.

We make high-end ethical products with respect for the environment and with a traditional Italian artisanal style. A refined taste that allows you to wear what for us represents a simple and gentle elegance in shapes and materials.


There is no such thing as throwing "away"

Our concern for the environment stems from the need to consider every resource we have as valuable and unique, as it is already predisposed in nature to its own reuse. It is essential to search for innovative materials, both from an ecological and biological perspective, that are natural and renewable and have a low environmental impact.

Frantic consumerism leads to the waste of resources, and this has prompted us to reflect on the importance of beginning to rethink the economy and how it works. Our goal is to respect the environment and society, from product conception and production to distribution and sale.

All our accessories are made from innovative materials of natural plant origin, recycled or reclaimed. We are committed to work with less polluting raw materials, and our collections are designed using certified, environmentally sustainable products: a vegan leather-like fabric made from cactus leaves and a natural material derived from Pineapple plantation waste.

Our goal is to contribute to the recovery of the territory, with a concrete commitment, encouraging sustainable development and enhancing Italian craftsmanship. We respect the environment and celebrate style, liveliness, cheerfulness, and elegance, without the use of any kind of animal material.


A famous italian saying says: Use Art, do NOT put it aside

Ethics. Respect for nature. Style. Craftsmanship.

Traditions, handicrafts, culture and territorial heritage. We have chosen to value Italian craftsmanship because we are aware that it is an excellence that must be carefully preserved and cherished. Our products are characterized by the unique style of traditional workmanship and the elegance of handmade. These are productions made up of culture, creativity and, above all, people.

We are convinced that traditional craftsmanship is a treasure that cannot disappear. It’s a value to be defended, because it is from the union of old and new that development and innovation come to life.

Through the use of quality low-impact materials and through attention to every little detail we will tell you about us, telling you what our story is, made up of commitment, passion, ethics and heart. We proudly preserve the art of savoir-faire, and craftsmanship, which allows us to unleash our creativity and express our values.